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Neuro Linguistic Programming

Outcome of the observation

NLP or neuro-linguistic programming was born from the observation of human behavior. The aim is to develop specific individualized methodologies to harness the full capacity of people. The observation is based on each person's mental representations and thus adapt techniques to achieve the desired change.

Operation and application

NLP offers a set of models for deciphering communication patterns and interacting with others and making lasting and profound changes. It is applicable in businesses, schools as well as in the family.

The 3 components of neuro-linguistic programming Programming

  • Neuro : What is memorized thanks to our nervous system via the 5 senses. Our emotional states are determined by our sensory perceptions.
  • Linguistics : Language structures and reflects the way we think. This manifests itself through our behaviors through verbal, non-verbal and para-verbal language. It is through this language that we give meaning to the lived experience.
  • Programming : We create from experiences, patterns, habits, body-mind automatisms.


Neuro-linguistic programming is indicated to solve specific problems: Rupture, mourning, preparation for an exam, solving a specific blockage, Its tools can be used alone, however they are often integrated into a global and multidisciplinary process chosen by the therapist.

One-time treatment

(Not reimbursable by health insurance)


CHF 130.-