Temet Nosce - Therapy MOHI®


MOHI® origin

Maha Lahode, therapist and BFFA trainer, has more than one string to her bow: Hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, eye movements. She selects these different techniques according to the needs of the patients. After 20 years of empirical and academic experience, she combines some similar therapeutic processes and creates eye movements in integrative hypnosis - MOHI®. She finds out what keeps patients in pain is not the event itself. It is actually the blocked emotion from the past that keeps the patient's wound alive in the present. Emotional catharsis cannot happen and a projection of a better future remains "impossible" in the eyes of the patient.

An innovative approach

The MOHI® technique is inspired by NLP, hypnosis and eye movement processes to activate the patient's full potential and overcome emotional wounds. It uses neural plasticity to trigger a reorganization of neural pathways, thus creating new habits, new thoughts, new beliefs and new emotions. A combination of hypnotic techniques and adequate eye movements therefore induces the trance effects and allows the patient to activate neural plasticity and to "reprogram" himself to be resilient.

Its application

In practice, it activates beneficial neural networks and generates new attitudes, new thoughts and new behaviors in order to:

  • Achieve goals
  • Neutralize limiting beliefs and develop beneficial beliefs
  • Resolve relationship conflicts
  • Desensitization following post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Manage pain
  • Modify emotions and psychological blockings reflecting on behavior


Punctual treatment

(Not reimbursable by health insurance)


CHF 130.-

Punctual treatment for couples

(Not reimbursable by health insurance)


CHF 150.-