Temet Nosce - Therapy Hypnosis


Hypnosis is a state of altered consciousness in which the person is receptive. This practice allows resources to be transmitted from the unconscious to the conscious. Hypnosis therapy allows easy access to the inner resources that any individual already has.

What is hypnosis?

During a hypnosis session, the suggestions made by the therapist may be accepted or rejected by the patient. The hypnotic trance state is not a state of sleep.

Indeed, in these so-called moments of trance, the environment is perceived differently, from another angle. Everyone has probably experienced this before: reading, driving, or admiring the scenery. Our attention is then focused on our inner world and we ignore the outer world.

How does hypnosis work?

During a hypnosis session the conscious (critical mind) and the unconscious (the realm of our emotions) are both present. The conscious is put to sleep in favor of the unconscious.

The critical mind is rational and acts as a "watchdog". In case of danger, he reacts immediately. This happens for example when you are driving. You are both focused on the road and lost in your thoughts. You then enter a state of mild hypnotic trance called the hypnoidal state. If an obstacle appears on the road, you immediately exit this state and brake. The same principle applies during a hypnosis session: you cannot push the patient to act against their will.

What are the applications of hypnosis?

Hypnosis has different fields of application. It is effective for therapeutic or medical care, for children as well as adolescents and adults.

Package of 8 sessions

(Not reimbursable by health insurance)


CHF 870.-

One-time treatment

Reimbursement of complementary health insurance funds affiliated with ASCA as appropriate

It is the patient's responsibility to find out about the reimbursement terms in advance from their health insurance fund.


CHF 130.-

One-time treatment for couples

(Not reimbursable by health insurance)


CHF 150.-